First Bundle of the Year 2022!

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Here at Hye Meadow, we are wishing you a wonderful first month of the year with our First Bundle of the Year!! Enjoy the start to your 2022 year and make sure you try out some of these awesome WINES!!

2017 Petit Verdot-  Herbaceous and earthy with notes of simmering red fruit, this silky red will leave a lingering black fruit/plum finish worthy of any red drinker’s glass.

2019 Neighbors- Honey and oak blend to a sweetened height of dark, rich cherry cordials and raspberry preserves on the nose - almost obscene!  Campfire smoke permeate a cherries jubilee & a host of grippy tannins blend to a long fruity finish that last minutes!

2016 Sangiovese- Smoked Tobacco nose with hints of black tea leaf and cherry.  Black cherry, plum and peppered fig, with subtle tones of black currant on the finish.

All for the wonderful price of $108.75!!!