Club News

Tamale Party!

Tamale Party will be HELD in the Member LOUNGE! The regular Tasting Room WILL be open to the PUBLIC!

February 4th and 5th

Tamale Party!

Tamales AND Music!

Standard Club Party Ticket Prices

Member Tickets will be $6.00 each for this event.  You will be able to buy the same number of tickets at this price as allotted per club membership.

3 bottle members  - Total 3 tickets @ $6/ea

6 bottle members -  Total 4 Tickets @ $6/ea

Case club members -  Total 8 tickets @ $6/ea

Non-Member tickets will be priced at $26.00

Shipping Update

Dates to Remember

Early Pickup- January 9th

Week of January 1st- due date for Change of Address or Information

Week of January 26th- Charge Credit Cards

Week of January30th- First Ship Out

February 4th and 5th - Fall Pickup Party

Week of February 13th- 2nd Ship Out

Week of March 13th- 3rd and Final Ship Out

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