Club News

November 7th

I can't Believe it's a Club Party!

Tickets HERE

Shipping Update

We will be utilizing a local shipping service that provides shipping boxes with styrofoam and cool pack inserts so the wine can be shipped safely under normal conditions.  Please contact us ASAP if you have changed shipping addresses by either email at or call/text winery phone 830-225-4047.

We will begin shipping out under this schedule:

   • If requested to ship at time of credit card charged and/or didn't attend pick up party then it will go out week of 10/9.

   • If requested to ship after 30 day period then it will go out week of 12/7.

Dates to Remember

October 5th- Early Pickup

October 15th- due date for Change of Address or Information

Week of October 17th- Charge Credit Cards

November 7th- Fall Club Party