Club News

Pig Roast Update

I hate to poo-poo a party, but we have to be good citizens and comply to a new dictate forcing us to cancel!  I don't like the idea of cancelling, but understand that this is not about me or you wanting to enjoy some wine and fellowship.  This combined with the constraints of TABC wanting to find examples to make businesses comply make for a very concerning environment to stay open.  That said - we have a bunch of fun and crazy times set up for the next two weeks.  We will be bottling the 2018 reds (which are fabulous), harvesting tempranillo and trying to sell a bit of wine to keep the AC running.  We would love to have you come by to help or even stop by to watch and learn a bit of what we do.  A lot of what we do is pretty boring, manual labor combined with lots of cleaning - which usually translates into something magical.  We SWEAT, we CLEAN and then we WAIT patiently.  Interested?

   July 6 & 7 - Filtering

   July 8 & 9 - Bottling

   July 10 - Moving barrels to blend wine to bottle

   July 13 - Pick tempranillo from the estate and filter wine

   July 14 - Bottling

   July 15 - Moving barrels to blend wine to bottle and rough filter

   July 17 - Bottling


Wines we are bottling: Junkyard Red, Estate Montepulciano, Tempranillo, Estate Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, Full Monte, Sangiovese, Elixir, Barbera, il Sensio, Boooom, Dolcetto, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Aglianico 

I wish y'all well - Mike 

Shipping Update

We will be utilizing a local shipping service that provides shipping boxes with styrofoam and cool pack inserts so the wine can be shipped safely under normal conditions.  Please contact us ASAP if you have changed shipping addresses by either email at or call/text winery phone 830-225-4047.

We will begin shipping out under this schedule:

   • If requested to ship at time of credit card charged and/or didn't attend pick up party then it will go out week of 7/13.

   • If requested to ship after 30 day period then it will go out week of 7/27.