Club News

February 6th 2021

New Year's Surprise!

Tickets HERE

Shipping Update

We will be utilizing a local shipping service.  Please contact us ASAP if you have changed shipping addresses by either email at:

or call/text winery phone 830-225-4047.

We will begin shipping out under this schedule:

   - If requested to ship at time of credit card charged 1/25

- Didn't attend pick up party then it will go out week of 2/8.

   - If requested to ship after 30 day period then it will go out week of 3/8.

Dates to Remember

Week of January 11th- Early Pickup

Week of January 18th- due date for Change of Address or Information

Week of January 25th- Charge Credit Cards

Week of January 25th- First Ship Out

February 6th- Fall Club Party

Week of February 8th- 2nd Ship Out

Week of March 8th- 3rd and Final Ship Out