The Vineyard

As days seem to melt away and fail to convey time, my marker is the vineyard.  The first sight of my day is looking out to the height of the vines in the distance.  Our vineyard is taking center stage in our harvest plans this year as without the tasting room being open the funds to purchase high plains fruit is not in the budget.  With that said, I like our wine being made from our fruit because the taste is there and the chemistry seems to be better.  This year we will be picking aglianico and refosco for the first time!  In all, we will be harvesting tempranillo, montepulciano, negroamaro - along with our first harvest of the aglianico and refosco.  I’ve been wanting to do a sparkling red and refosco may be the grape to do it.  First, we have to harvest! 


Before harvesting, we have been in the vineyard getting ready for that day.  This year is the cleanest it has ever been with the weeds under control and nice even growth of the vines.  We have suckered, plucked and constantly walk the rows to check on growth and for pests.  It is a windy year and the vines enjoy the drying effect, but we have had a time keeping them on wires and upright with the gusty storms.  Next time in, please walk out and see what I’m talking about.  I would love to show you our pride and joy!