Hispanic Heritage Month- October Bundle

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October bundles is HERE!  Please help us in honoring a big part of Hye Meadow's Heritage, by celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

We are spotlighting our Chica, so named after Mike Batek's Grandmother!  We are excited to show you just a little bit of what makes us who we are! 

2019 Chica- Playful bubbles introduce your palate to peach and Meyer lemon flavors, making Grandma Chica’s namesake a delectable crowd pleaser!

NV Collo Rosso- Beautiful floral notes mingle with the terroir to greet the nose with scents mindful of summer meadow. On the palate bright notes of raspberry dance playfully across the tongue before giving way to clove with hints of peppercorn. With a finish that delivers notes of clove with a hint of pink peppercorns before fading to hint of dark cherry as the tannins linger on the tongue.

2018 Estate Tempranillo- Let the nose delight in the heady aromas of oak and leather as they intermingle with hints of whiskey, Luxardo Cherries tantalize the palate and last throughout deep notes of dark oak, with a distinct minerality and robust tannin on the finish.

Enjoy a unique taste of the history of Hye Meadow Winery!