It's a Total Eclipse over at Hye

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The Hye Solar Eclipse Party

Welcome one and all to this very momentous event! A beautiful and amazing Total Solar Eclipse is set to honor Hye Meadow on April 8th 2024! If you know us, we love any excuse to have a party!

Date: April 8th 2024

Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm

We will have music, food, and of course your solar glasses!!! All included for only $75.00!

Hye Meadow will some fun eclipse activities! The Solar Eclipse will:

  • Starts: 12:15PM and ends at 2:56PM
  • Totality starts at 1:35PM CST – last for 4 min 9 seconds at Hye Meadow.

You will need a parking spot in addition to a ticket for the Solar Party! Check Parking Spots for more information. Feel free to RSVP for your RV or Parking Spot TODAY!

Find the Wine Glass and You'll Find Us!


*We do suggest that you bring cash, as the high traffic on the internet is likely to cause interruptions.*

*Parking Spots are in grassy areas, please plan accordingly*

*All Cars and RV's will need to be off property by stated times, if you are not off property by then you will be charged an additional fee*

*NO INSIDE FACILITIES, port-a-potties and handwashing stations will be available*

*All sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE*

*You WILL NEED a Parking Spot in order to attend the Eclipse Party, please make sure you get everything you need*

Need somewhere to park, before it gets Dark?