Hye Meadow

It's Hye time for wine


2015 Hye Albert Cuvee

  • $36.00

Beautiful floral aromatics lend way to refreshing flavors of Bosc pear and kiwi, a backbone of crisp mineral & acid, and a long soft fruit finish. It's a perfect apéritif with which to welcome guests.

2015 Chica

  • $33.00

Spicy sweet notes of peach and Myer lemon lead way to a soft acid palate cleanser and a full, ripe fruit finish

2012 SaTurn

  • $33.00

Honey Comb nose with a hint of hazelnut. Rich back tannins, alcohol, and light acid combine to create a salted caramel taste with a fresh white peach. The wine is fortified with brandy, which warms the soul. 

2016 Viognier

  • $28.00

Whiffs of fresh pineapple, mango and peach prime your taste buds while the balance of oak and fruit leaves your mouth enveloped and wanting for more.


2015 Roussanne

  • $26.00

Whiffs or little cutie tangerines and lemon grass mingle with an uplifting zing of acidity, grapefruit, and a foundation of eucalypts and verbena.

2015 Edelzwicker -- Limited Stock

  • $25.00

Edelzwicker is a term used in Alsace meaning “noble blend”. It has no other legal definition, other than extremely tasty. Our blend features a blend of 50% Riesling & 50% Muscat that offers a nice balanced acid, fruit forward tastes of ripe pear and a bit of macadamia nut on the finish.

2016 Edelzwicker -- New Release

  • $25.00

Edelzwicker is a term used in Alsace meaning “noble blend”.  It has no other legal definition, other than extremely tasty. Our blend offers a nice balanced acid, fruit forward tastes of candied lemon peel and summer fruits that linger on the palate. 

2015 Sundown

  • $16.00

One of the lesser known Muscat varietals, Muscat Giallo offers notes of fresh citrus and summer fruits in combination with Aglianico gives structure and depth.

Food Pairings: Jalapeno Popper Fettuccine Alfredo

2016 Junkyard White - New Release

  • $23.00

A nose of tropical fruits with a touch of macadamia nuts leads into light acidity, a spritz of blood orange essence and a slight mineral finish on the palate.


2015 Trebbiano

  • $28.00

Our textbook Trebbiano meets your first sip with bight acids and refreshing fruit tones with highlights of Meyer Lemons followed by a clean mineral finish. This wine will leave you shouting Est! Est! Est!

2014 Elixir Vintage Port

  • $49.00

Swirls of chocolate covered cherries greet your nose. As you taste, dried fruits and figs take center stage backed with a soft earthy structure. This drier tawny port pairs well dessert to make the perfect date night. 

2016 Rosato

  • $25.00

Fresh kiwi and whiffs of strawberry.  Fruit forward & balanced acids give way to a clean mineral finish.   


2015 Rosato -- Limited Stock

  • $25.00

Rose- The aromatic allure of a white, the gentle structure of a red - all rolled into one! Our Rosato, which is what they call a Rose in Italy, is a blend of all our Texas grown Italian grape varietals. This wine was our favorite to make and we hope you love it as much as we do – Mike & Zak.


  • 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition: Silver Medal

2015 Hye Jinx

  • $25.00

This blend of 70% Carignan and 30% Mouvedre is off-dry, soft and easy to drink.  This blend highlights the fresh cherry of the Mourvedre with the dark, creamy finish of the Carignane.

2016 Hye Jinx -- Coming Soon

  • $25.00

By Definition, Hye Jinx implies "wild or playful behavior."  We believe the richness of Carignane combined with the fruity aromatics of Mourvedre with just a hint of sweetness will bring out the playful side of anyone! Your senses awaken with the first whiffs of caramel and soft leather. Your palate jumps alive with just the right amount of residual sugar giving way to mild tannins, and a soft raspberry finish.

2016 Dolcetto Novello

  • $25.00

Whiffs of liquor soaked strawberries permeate the air. This easy drinking wine wakes up your palate and leaves you with a soft finish.


2015 Dolcetto -- New Release

  • $34.00

Fragrant nose of perfume, vanilla, and plum greet you while a juicy and light jam notes envelop your mouth leading to a soft leather finish.


2015 Sangiovese -- Coming Soon

  • $32.00

A rich perfume of spice and eucalyptus greet you as the deep garnet color swirls in your glass. Tastes of a smooth chocolate velvet wash over your palate followed by  bright red summer fruits. A deep earthy finish lingers.

2015 Junkyard Red -- New Release

  • $32.00

Soft-textured, smooth cherry flavors on the palate, subtle oak aromas of maple, caramel, and vanilla.


2014 Junkyard Red -- Limited Stock

  • $32.00

The 2014 blends 57% Tempranillo with 43% Montepulciano to create a super-drinkable middleweight red precisely in the tradition of previous Junkyards.


  •  2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition: Silver Medal
  •  2016 SA Stock Show & Rodeo Intl Wine Competition: Bronze

2014 Aglianico

  • $42.00

This full bodied red  strong pepper notes, black fruits of plum and blackberry and rigid structure.


2014 Il Sensio -- Limited Stock

  • $50.00

The nose on our 2014 iL Sensio reminds us of a English tack room. Sweet leather and polished wood perfume the air as this wine opens up. As you sip, soft yet firm tannins slowly release as the taste of bourbon cherries and dark ripe plum fill your month. A slight stone finish leaves you reaching for your next sip.