Current Releases

  • 2017 Trebbiano Photo
    2017 Trebbiano

    2017 Trebbiano

    Texas High Plains, Bingham Family Vineyards

    100% Trebbiano

    White lilies and subtle honeysuckle please the nose in this Italian varietal. Bright notes of white peach guide the palate to a subtle almond and soft acidity on the finish.

    • 2018 San Francisco Intl. Wine Comp: Bronze
    • 2019 Houston Rodeo Intl Wine Comp: Bronze
  • 2017 Rosato Photo
    2017 Rosato
    2017 Rosato Texas High Plains 55% Sangiovese & 45% Negroamaro An herbal nose of cherry tomato leaf and strawberry guide the senses to a delicate finish of alpine strawberry and dried raspberry. Minerality gives this wine the perfect bite on the finish.
  • 2016 Booom  Photo
    2016 Booom
    2016 Boooom Texas High Plains 100% The Bomb, Negroamaro, Montepulciano, Aglianico, and Sangiovese Long fruit finish while tart acid plays on the tongue, balanced tannins that linger until the acid is gone giving way to a whole new dimension of flavor. Rhubarb and sharp cherry, with a balance of spicy earth tones and Hungarian oak that warms to a beautiful butterscotch flavor as it breathes. 2020 Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition- Silver
  • 2016 iL Sensio Photo
    2016 iL Sensio
    2016 Il Sensio Texas High plains 50% Aglianico, 30% Montepulciano, 20% Petit Verdot Nice nose of tart cherry and light leather with vanilla oak tones and rich creamy dark ripe plum as it breathes.
  • 2018 Hye-Albert Cuvee Photo
    2018 Hye-Albert Cuvee

    2018 Hye-Albert Cuvee

    Texas High Plains

    White Blend, Sparkling

    Easy sweet apricot with coconut finish on the nose, lemongrass almond coconut swift finish.



  • 2016 Aglianico Photo
    2016 Aglianico
    2016 Aglianico Crazy Cluster Vineyard, Texas High Plains 88% Aglianico, 12 % Petit Verdot Aromas of rich, dark fruit consisting of dates/blackberry, with tight French oak undertones please the nose. Tight acid, fine grained tannins, and enticingly mingled notes of dark cherry, cedar and graphite make this an experienced red drinker's wine. • 2019 International San Francisco Wine Comp- Silver • 2020 Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition- Silver
  • 2018 Viognier Photo
    2018 Viognier
    2018 Viognier Texas High Plains 100% Viognier Dry white Nose is tropical, with heavy notes of mango and papaya - with a rich toffee finish palate - tart acid, green apple and a nutty finish of smooth oak. 2020 Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition- Double Gold, Reserve Class Champion, Texas Class Champion
  • 2018 Chenin Blanc Photo
    2018 Chenin Blanc

    2018 Chenin Blanc

    Krick Hill Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    100% Chenin Blanc

    21% new french oak

    21% neutral french oak 

    58 % stainless steel

    The wine opens with honey comb and a hint of white flowers and ginger and finishes with a touch of hazelnut on the nose.  On the palate, the wine has a long, slow finish with a subtle oak bite with a slow build of acid and tannins.  Overall, it exhibits a nutty almond taste with a rich, red apple overtone with a bit of a woody end, Mother Nature’s favorite.

  • 2018 Dolcetto Novello Photo
    2018 Dolcetto Novello

    2018 Dolcetto Novella

    La Pradera Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    100% Dolcetto

    On the nose, rich blueberry notes with pomegranate in the background.  On the palate, serious cranberry with zippy acid from this young wine.  Color in the glass is darker than normal with a beautiful purple hue with hints of blue as you swirl.

  • 2016 Tempranillo Photo
    2016 Tempranillo

    2016 Tempranillo

    Old Place ’07 Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    100% Tempranillo

    This elegant wine leads with subtle notes of vanilla, tobacco, and sauteed blackberry/cherry notes on the nose. Perfectly balanced acidity, medium body, and soft but spicy black fruit flavors of cherry and plum round out the finish of this perfect, Texas grilling worthy red.

    • 2020 Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition- Silver

  • 2018 Petillant Natural Photo
    2018 Petillant Natural

    2018 Pieno Di Bolle

    Oswald Family Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    100% Aglianico

    Stone fruit, and raspberry cream soda with a rye bread twist tickle the nose in this unfiltered, cloudy, pet nat.  Heavy, punchy acid, raspberry creamsicle, and bread yeast on the finish, make this unrefined fun!

  • 2018 Not Quite Pink Photo
    2018 Not Quite Pink

    2018 Not Quite Pink

    Crazy Cluster Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    100% Aglianico

    Nostalgic aromas of strawberry Laffy Taffy, valentine heart candy, and floral notes tease the senses in this slow building, acidic roller coaster.  Zippy grapefruit, and mellow tannins are the result of slow fermentation, creating an elegantly weighty rose!

  • 2017 Barbera d' Hye Photo
    2017 Barbera d' Hye

    2017 Barbera D' Hye

    Paka Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    100% Barbera

    A hint of cocoa powder, raisin, and black currant mingle with a sweet French oak barrel perfume in this distinguished red.  High acidity, silky tannins, and dark fruit are all up front to mid-palate, while baking spice and a creamy nutmeg round out the finish.  A red truly worthy of all the HYpE!

    • 2019 San Francisco International Wine Competition- Silver
  • 2018 Hye Jinx Photo
    2018 Hye Jinx

    2018 Hye Jinx

    Texas High Plains

    50% Carignan, 50% Mourvedre

    This fun blend leads with Luxardo cherry and mesquite grilled apple. A subtle smoked whiskey finish makes this wine totally unique and perfect for any occasion. 

  • 2017 Collo Rosso Photo
    2017 Collo Rosso

    2017 Collo Rosso

    Texas High Plains

    46% Tempranillo, 38% Mourvedre, 16% Carignan

    Violets and fresh cut hay mingled with cherry are pleasant on the nose, while prunes mingled with red fruits, dusty oak notes, and bright acidity finish out this Hye Meadow Classic

    • 2020 Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition- silver
  • 2019 Hopped Sauv Blanc Photo
    2019 Hopped Sauv Blanc

    2019 Hopped

    Texas High Plains

    100% Sauv Blanc and dried hops

    This cornucopia of vibrant scents give way to an explosion of juicy granny smith tart and Meyer lemon, with just a lift of hops on the finish, leaving your mouth watering for more of the dry white.

  • 2016 Sangiovesse Photo
    2016 Sangiovesse

    2016 Sangiovese

    Bingham Family Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    100% Sangiovese

    Smoked Tobacco nose with hints of black tea leaf and cherry.  Black cherry, plum and peppered fig, with subtle tones of black currant on the finish.

  • 2012 SaTurn  Photo
    2012 SaTurn

    2012 SaTurn-



    Honey Comb nose with a hint of hazelnut, Rich back tannins, alcohol, and light acid combine to create a salted caramel taste with a fresh white peach. The wine is fortified with brandy, which warms the soul.


    • 2018 Houston Livestock Rodeo Intl Wine Comp: Silver


  • 2015 Full Monte Photo
    2015 Full Monte

    2015 Full Monte

    Texas High Plains, Oswald Family Vineyard

    95 % Montepulciano & 5% Petit Verdot

    Montepulciano contributes jammy, dark plum bursts on the front of the palate, followed by secondary notes of earthy black currant.  Hungarian oak contributes a spicy attitude to this feisty, full bodied, Italian varietal.

    •  Houston Rodeo International Wine Comp: Silver, Reserve Texas Class Champion
  • 2016 Dolcetto Photo
    2016 Dolcetto
    Smokey Oak Vanilla nose, pomegranate flavor. Texas’ answer to the Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Junkyard White Photo
    2017 Junkyard White

    2017 Junkyard White

    Texas High Plains

    75% Riesling, 15% Trebb, 10% Malvasia Bianca

    This blend leads with aromas of juicy fruit and candied pear. A soft mouth feel exposes notes of pineapple, pear, and bright acidity, making this Batek blend a perfect patio pounder.

  • 2014 Elixir Vintage Port Photo
    2014 Elixir Vintage Port
    Swirls of chocolate covered cherries greet your nose. As you taste, dried fruits and figs take center stage backed with a soft earthy structure. This drier tawny port pairs well dessert to make the perfect date night.
  • 2016 Edelzwicker  Photo
    2016 Edelzwicker

    2016 Edelzwicker

    Texas High Plains

    50% Riesling, 33% Roussanne, 13% Malvasia Bianca

    Stone fruit and candied lemon peel please the nose on this fragrant white. Bright notes of tangelo, sweet mango, and pear tease the palate on the finish. Hard to say but easy to drink!

    • 2018 Houston Livestock Rodeo Intl Wine Comp: Bronze
  • 2017 Riesling Photo
    2017 Riesling

    2017 Riesling-

    Texas High Plains, Paka Vineyards

    100% Riesling

    A pronounced nose of honeysuckle and lilies, followed by soft notes of sweet nectarine and pear, make this moderately acidic wine a palate pleaser any day of the year.


    • 2018 Houston Livestock Rodeo Intl. Wine Comp: Silver, Texas Class Champion