Hye Meadow

It's Hye time for wine


2015 Hye Albert Cuvee

  • $36.00

Beautiful floral aromatics lend way to refreshing flavors of Bosc pear and kiwi, a backbone of crisp mineral & acid, and a long soft fruit finish. It's a perfect apéritif with which to welcome guests.

2015 Chica

  • $33.00

Spicy sweet notes of peach and Myer lemon lead way to a soft acid palate cleanser and a full, ripe fruit finish

2012 SaTurn

  • $33.00

Honey Comb nose with a hint of hazelnut. Rich back tannins, alcohol, and light acid combine to create a salted caramel taste with a fresh white peach. The wine is fortified with brandy, which warms the soul. 

2016 Viognier -- New Release

  • $28.00

2015 Roussanne -- New Release

  • $32.00
Whiffs or little cutie tangerines and lemon grass mingle with an uplifting zing of acidity, grapefruit, and a foundation of eucalypts and verbena.

2015 Edelzwicker

  • $25.00
Edelzwicker is a term used in Alsace meaning “noble blend”. It has no other legal definition, other than extremely tasty. Our blend features a blend of 50% Riesling & 50% Muscat that offers a nice balanced acid, fruit forward tastes of ripe pear and a bit of macadamia nut on the finish.

2016 Edelzwicker -- Coming Soon

  • $0.00

2015 Sundown

  • $18.00

One of the lesser known Muscat varietals, Muscat Giallo offers notes of fresh citrus and summer fruits in combination with Aglianico gives structure and depth.

Food Pairings: Jalapeno Popper Fettuccine Alfredo

2013 Junkyard White

  • $16.00

Junkyard White is a new wine for us.  A blend of Muscat, Riesling and Gewurztraminer, this wine leans toward slightly off-dry and has become a well-balanced blend that showcases what all three grapes have to offer.  Junkyard White recently won a double gold at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and we’re hoping that you’ll love it as much as the judges did.


  • 2015 San Antonio Rodeo Intl Wine Competition: Top of Class, Double Gold & Gold Medal
  • 2015 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition: Silver Medal
  • 2015 San Francisco International Wine Competition: Bronze Medal

2015 Trebbiano

  • $28.00

Our textbook Trebbiano meets your first sip with bight acids and refreshing fruit tones with highlights of Meyer Lemons followed by a clean mineral finish. This wine will leave you shouting Est! Est! Est!

2014 Elixir Vintage Port

  • $49.00

Swirls of chocolate covered cherries greet your nose. As you taste, dried fruits and figs take center stage backed with a soft earthy structure. This drier tawny port pairs well dessert to make the perfect date night. 

2016 Rosato

  • $28.00

2015 Rosato -- Limited Stock

  • $25.00

Rose- The aromatic allure of a white, the gentle structure of a red - all rolled into one! Our Rosato, which is what they call a Rose in Italy, is a blend of all our Texas grown Italian grape varietals. This wine was our favorite to make and we hope you love it as much as we do – Mike & Zak.


  • 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition: Silver Medal

2015 Hye Jinx

  • $25.00

This blend of 70% Carignan and 30% Mouvedre is off-dry, soft and easy to drink.  This blend highlights the fresh cherry of the Mourvedre with the dark, creamy finish of the Carignane.

2016 Hye Jinx -- Coming Soon

  • $0.00

2016 Dolcetto Novello

  • $25.00

2015 Dolcetto -- New Release

  • $34.00

2015 Junkyard Red -- New Release

  • $32.00

2014 Junkyard Red -- Limited Stock

  • $28.00

The 2014 blends 57% Tempranillo with 43% Montepulciano to create a super-drinkable middleweight red precisely in the tradition of previous Junkyards.


  •  2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition: Silver Medal
  •  2016 SA Stock Show & Rodeo Intl Wine Competition: Bronze

2014 Aglianico

  • $42.00

2014 Il Sensio -- Limited Stock

  • $50.00