Current Releases

  • 2012 SaTurn  Photo
    2012 SaTurn

    2012 Saturn

    100% Semillon

    Honey Comb nose with a hint of hazelnut. Rich back tannins, alcohol, and light acid combine to create a salted caramel taste with a fresh white peach. The wine is fortified with brandy, which warms the soul. 

  • 2015 Full Monte Photo
    2015 Full Monte

    2015 Full Monte- Texas High Plains, Oswald Family Vineyard

    95 % Montepulciano & 5% Petit Verdot

    Balanced and smooth with tastes of strawberry cream and a mild chestnut finish

  • 2017 Hye Jinx Photo
    2017 Hye Jinx

    2017 Hye Jinx- Texas High Plains/ Red Wine Blend

    50% Carignan, 50% Mourvedre

    Smokey whiskey touched Luxardo Cherries one the nose, mesquite grilled red apple

  • 2015 Aglianico Photo
    2015 Aglianico

     2015 Aglianico- Oswald Family Vineyards, Texas High Plains

    85% Aglianico, 15% Sangiovese

    Butterscotch nose, with Vanilla oak taste and bright prickly pear long finish 

    Food pairings: Cream sauce, marinara, pasta

  • 2016 Dolcetto Photo
    2016 Dolcetto

    2016 Dolcetto-Texas High Plains, La Pradera Vineyard

    100% Dolcetto 

    Smokey Oak Vanilla nose, pomegranate flavor.   

  • 2017 Junkyard White Photo
    2017 Junkyard White

    2017 Junkyard White- Texas High Plains 

    75% Riesling, 15% Trebbiano, 10% Malvasia Bianca

    Paw Paw ocean mist nose, Thick honeydew melon, bright acid honey covered green apple finish

  • 2014 Aglianico - Limited Stock Photo
    2014 Aglianico - Limited Stock

    2014 Aglianico

    100% Aglianico 

    Oswald Family Vineyards, Texas High Plains

    This full bodied red  strong pepper notes, black fruits of plum and blackberry and rigid structure.

    This bold red packs a load of blackcurrant and black cherry flavors, while still maintaining an elegant sense of style and substantial tannin structure that will give the wine several more years of maturing in the bottle. That is, if you can keep your hands off of it in the meantime!


  • 2014 Elixir Vintage Port Photo
    2014 Elixir Vintage Port

    2014 Elixir Vintage Port

    50%Tempranillo and 50%Carignan


    Swirls of chocolate covered cherries greet your nose. As you taste, dried fruits and figs take center stage backed with a soft earthy structure. This drier tawny port pairs well dessert to make the perfect date night. 

  • 2015 BOOOOM  Photo
    2015 BOOOOM

    2015 Boooom

    29%Negro Amaro, 29%Aglianico, 15%Montepulciano, 27%Sangiovese

    Texas High Plains

    A robust blend of Italian stallions, Negroamaro, Montepulciano, Aglianico, & Sangiovese. These heavy hitters combine with an aggressive oak regiment to deliver a full-bodied blend with dark fruit notes and mouth-tingling tannins. Perfect for steaks and grilled meats or a sip on the wild side!

  • 2015 iL Sensio - Limited Stock  Photo
    2015 iL Sensio - Limited Stock

    2015 Il Sensio 

    43% Mourvedre, 25% Petit Verdot 25% Montepulciano, 7% Aglianico


    The combination of the fruit forward Mourvedre, rich Petit Verdot, and the depth and complexity from the Montepulciano and Aglianico create a wine that completely encompasses your palate and leaves you with a light satisfying finish.

  • 2015 Junkyard Red   Photo
    2015 Junkyard Red

    2015 Junkyard Red

    50% Tempranillo 40% Mourvedre, & 10% Sangiovese

    Texas High Plains

    Soft textured, smooth cherry flavors on the palate, subtle oak aromas of maple, caramel, and vanilla.


  • 2015 Petit Verdot Photo
    2015 Petit Verdot
    2015 Petit Verdot
    100% Darkness
    Texas High Plains
    Aromatics of light blueberry, violet and lilac. The palate exhibits flavors of poached      black fruit, violet, and a touch of smoke from the neutral French barrels. 


  • 2016 Edelzwicker  Photo
    2016 Edelzwicker

    2016 Edelzwicker

    50% Riesling, 33% Roussanne, 13% Malvasia Bianca

    Texas High Plains

    Edelzwicker is a term used in Alsace meaning “noble blend”.  It has no other legal definition, other than extremely tasty. Our blend offers a nice balanced acid, fruit forward tastes of candied lemon peel and summer fruits that linger on the palate. 

  • 2015 Tempranillo Photo
    2015 Tempranillo

    2015 Tempranillo

    86% Tempranillo & 14% Mourvedre

    Texas High Plains

    Known as Spain's noble grape, Tempranillo has thrived in Texas's chalky soils and hot climate. Its flavors are dominated by cherry, leather, and strong tannins which pair well with BBQ and Mexican food. Our 2015 vintage entices you with the earth and spice scents leading into a rich fruitiness and a smoky tobacco finish.

  • 2016 Trebbiano  Photo
    2016 Trebbiano

    2016 Trebbiano

    100% Trebbiano

    Texas High Plains, Bueno Suerte Vineyards

    Our 2016 Trebbiano starts off with a gentle nose of apricots and a touch of mineral. This gives way to a crisp and light lemon zest on the palate with the minerality taking center stage. A clean refreshing finish makes this an ideal meal pairing white.

  • 2017 Chica Photo
    2017 Chica

    2017 Chica

    White Blend (61% Trebbiano, 31% Riesling, 8% Malvisa Bianca)

    Texas High Plains

    Honey covered Pear with dash of lemon zest on the nose, refreshing burst of honeysuckle that welcomes you to a second glass

  • 2017 Not Quite Pink- Limited Stock Photo
    2017 Not Quite Pink- Limited Stock

    2017 Not Quite Pink

    100% Rose of Aglianico 

    Crazy Cluster Vineyard, Texas High Plains 

    Bright rhubarb strawberry pie with a crisps twist on the nose, a wash of earthy and mineral flavors, citrus zest finish.  Summer fruits on the palate and nose with a nice earthy finish

  • 2017 Riesling Photo
    2017 Riesling

    2017 Riesling

    100% Riesling 

    Texas High Plains, Paka Vineyards

    Prefect blend of fruitiness, sweetness and zesty acidity. Our Riesling holds up against the spiciest of dishes or spirited get-togethers with friends!

    We take special care to gently press the fruit and chill it to preserve the flavors of apple and tree fruits with perfumed aromas. With bright acidity and balanced sweetness, Riesling holds up against the spiciest of dishes or spirited get-togethers with friends!

  • 2017 Vioginer Photo
    2017 Vioginer

    2017 Vioginer

    100% Viognier

    Bingham Family Vineyard, Texas High Plains

    Light fruit notes of nectarine, green apple, and candied lemon peel blend with the bright acidity leaving a light and uplifting finish.