Mike Batek: Grape Guru & Winemaker


I grew up in South Texas, also known as Miller Lite country. It was certainly not California, Italy or a chateau in France, but I fell in love with wine and the allure of the story behind the bottle. Little did I know that wine would completely change the trajectory of my life.

A few years back, my wife Denise and I were at a career crossroads wondering what the next step should be. Through the help of our pastor and friend, Kim Edlund, we learned to let go of “shoulds” and pride, and dare to live fearlessly.

With a lot of prayer and introspection, we realized that one concept continued to emerge: a winery. Now, I believe in God but even I thought that was crazy talk. Did I know how to make wine or raise grapes? No. Did I have enough funds to invest in this dream, considering the daunting prospect of also sending three children to college? Not exactly. But, God said “trust,” so we did.

A dream without action is only a wish. So I went into action, and lo and behold, so did God. I enrolled in a viticulture program at Texas Tech to learn about growing grapes and to make contacts within the industry. At that same time, I was given the oppertunity to work along side other Texas wine makers. Family and friends, excited to offer support for our new venture, allowed us to seriously lay financial plans to make the winery a reality. And, finally, the welcoming Texas wine community encouraged us to bring all these pieces together to make a whole.

I invite you out to our winery so I can introduce you to our wines. I would also love to hear the dream or story that drives you.

Qué Diós te bendiga